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»First off,
Thursday, 29 September 2011

thanks for bringing all my junk back home, guys. I honestly didn't expect the whole bunch of you to come, it was a pleasant surprise :D Also, thanks for helping me to buy my soup, I was getting hungry XD
Yeah, I'll try to come back as soon as possible but I'm really not allowed to come back if I still have the ulcers. I need to go see the doctor again to make sure that I can't infect anybody else and get a letter of permission to go back to school. 
And yes, I miss you too Sarah-koi~ All of you actually <3
Anyway, now that I've gotten the sappy part done with, time for me to whine. Good news : the itching has lessened. Bad news:  It's gotten even more painful when I touch it. For some odd reason, the rashes on my right hand and foot are worse than the ones on my left. Hm. 
I can't eat my bloody junk food because of my ulcers D: My mom was openly munching on them in front of me last night, asshat..
Sigh, need to read through science textbook and catch up now, may post some more later today.

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»Roll-y chairs
Wednesday, 28 September 2011

are the freaking bomb. Cos the rash on my feet got a hell of a lot worse, I had to seat myself on the roll-y chair (I know that's not the name. I don't care) and push my way around the house. Did I look like an utter and complete retard? Totally. Did it work? Kinda. At least my feet weren't touching the ground.
It's taking every bit of self-control not to scratch at the rash. Because if i so much as touch it, it starts hurting like a motherfucker. PS: Yiling, don't push it anymore. 
Oddly enough, my ulcers have sort of healed. It actually feels better than it did yesterday. Crossing fingers and hope that this will blow over soon. Because you have no idea how patient I have been with you.
Gonna mug now (sigh)
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»Fucking worried
Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I think I may seriously have hand foot mouth disease.this afternoon the sores weren't so obvious, but now they're starting to emerge and the prickling has turned into full blown pain. Of all the damn times. So close to EOY somemore.  i may have to end up missing like, a week of school.. And I shared food with so many people... Mandy, I'm so sorry.
EOYs start next week...I seriously feel like crying.
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Sunday, 25 September 2011

I look like a squirrel. Thanks, mom. Hmph. Whatever, squirrels are cute.
Dinner is gonna be freaking awesome. Bak Kut Teh and pan-fried cod <3 Nomnomnom~
Went to tuition and Hock Lam looked like absolute shit, no kidding. Feel bad for him, he looked damn sian and when it came time for us to do work, I was actually ahead of him for once. Seems like everyone's been falling sick lately.
Anyway, went onto Cracked and read a few articles. This one is freaking sweet. Read till the end, the ending is just. So. Awesome. :")
Lol, my mom's bf is over and I think he's intimidated by me XD Apparently my mom told him that if he didn't my approval, he was screwed. Hehe.
Other than that, I just mugged the whole day. I'm damn worried about my chinese and math. Sigh.
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»At last...
Saturday, 24 September 2011

my heater is repaired :D I miss hot water.
Addicted to tetris battle, ended up playing that instead of, y'know, actually doing work. 
What the fuck, i cant type in caps on certain letters now? This is bullshit dude.
how am i supposed to LIVEEEEEE???? shit, caps doesn't work either.
fuck this. fuck blogger. 
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»I wanna play jubeat...
Friday, 23 September 2011

I miss the noise of the arcade. I suppose that's why I was so happy when it was raining so heavily yesterday. Stoning and watching Kingsley. What to do, what to do...
Sarah dragged me to marina square in exchange for candy cos she wanted to find a turtle, then we found out Marina square sells furitama and nerunerunerune. Including mysterious neru. Shit. Made my way back on my own, this day was boring blah blah blah
UPDATE: Woohoo! found yer blog! At last! Obvious my ass lah. @kelly, if you want to become more flexible, stretch out after you run a lot. Your muscles are 'warm' then and it'll improve your flexibility
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»You guys better come to school tomorrow...
Thursday, 22 September 2011

Woke up at 5 am and started revising some chinese phrases then went to school. Studied a while then I gave up and just ended up chatting with random people. I seriously forgot who, don't blame me >< 
Cos Mdm Low had to attend some sort of meeting, we ended up slacking in class. So Mandy started talking about our daily routine and doing it every three days, then I suggested doing it in the back of the class. So we asked Isabellay-san and fluffles to come over and do it with us. It was a complete and utter failure. After completing like, 50 jumping jacks, 20 (fail) pushups, 10 burpees and like, 5 crunches in 5 minutes, we burned out and just decided to sit around instead. Yea, we pretty much shit on the good name of canoeists.
I'm gonna get fat, I swear.
So after sitting around for a while, Joelle came up behind me and zapped me. I was kinda too tired to care, then she started making me do the zombie macarena and the hokie pokie. I think I whacked her more than a few times like that.Then again, she WAS the one manipulating my limbs, so it's your fault, dopey. 
And other shit and stuff happened and i'm lazy to write so baibaiz~ 
Oh and Sarah-koi, when are you coming back :3
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Since when did I ever mention anything about your sister? I...just...fuck it.
Made chocolate pudding today. I think it was to somehow redeem myself for my failure in home econs. In any case, it tasted great. I'm actually writing this at 5am because I didn't know what the hell to write here last night.
I still don't have a clue about what to write. I desperately need the weekends to come.
2 more days...

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

...then I cooled down. I was so unbelievably mad just now when my Agar shattered. Then Ms Azimah said that we could present our agars in the container. I almost killed somebody. Then I threw my Agar in the trash and awaited my doom. Then Ms Azimah told me that I still had to present her with the shattered remains of my Agar. That I clawed out of the bin. Yay. The, I stayed back to do animation with fluffles and co. Then I rushed to Clementi to meet up with Sarah-Koi and others (lazy to type out). Yeap, that's about it.

@Yiling. Yes, it was an impulsive post but I won't be removing it any time soon. It's the same reason why I don't private my blog, I won't take back what I say unless it's proven to be based on a completely false/wrong facts. At which point of time, I'll take back what I say in a later post.  I respect your privacy quite a fair bit. If I didn't I would have been quoting from your private blog left, right and center. But you have to respect my right to express my own opinions. As far as I can see, nothing I said actually revealed what you wrote on your blog or implied as to the contents.
If you don't like my method of getting my point across, then tell me how else I can get through to you? Because it seems that when I try taking the pleasant approach, it doesn't quite work, does it?
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Monday, 19 September 2011

I really do not know what else I can say to you. You are chaining yourself to your past, not ZD, not JY, not Kelly or Crystal or the bazillion other people who have wronged or betrayed you or slighted you in some manner. You. Youre the only one who can undo the the chains. It's an addictive feeling, isn't it? Just like when you get an mc to skip PE. Of course you have a reason and it's entirely valid, But MCs end. When your MC runs out, you have to join everyone else and life is gonna go on. When did your MC run out?
You have a responsibility, Yiling, to live your life to the fullest. Its not a choice, not an option, not something for you to choose. Because yes, someone who refuses to see beyond their current dilemma is narrow-minded, ignorant and even a little bit pathetic. Don't complain about other people being judgemental and telling them to fuck off because at least they care enough to notice. You may not realise, but they are, in their own way, trying to help you.
Being a pessimist is like eating junk food, It's fun and once in a while, its refreshing to see things from a jaded perspective. But if you plan on going through life eating junk food 24/7, expect your health to go down the drain and don't you dare complain when people call you a fat-ass, cos you are. Same for pessimism. Expect your socialife to go down the drain and don't you dare complain when people call you a wet blanket or a whiner, because you are. 
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»I can

...and I will slap someone the next time I fucking hear Party Rock Asscrack. Lol, @Weiyee, maybe the tapeworm finally crawled out of your nose or something.
Made agar agar in Auntie Vivian's house. Looks pretty but you can taste the artificial flavouring. The artificial part, I mean. So yes, it tastes a bit like medicine.

The yellow portion is almond, green is mango and red is raspberry. I figure I need to use something else for flavour because the artificial flavouring doesn't sit right with me. I think I'll suspend some fruit in the jelly to make up for it. 
Sigh, EOYs are coming up so soon... gonna go chiong my Chinese phrases

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»Mirai Nikki
Sunday, 18 September 2011 creepy as fuck. I mean, Gasai Yuno is the creepiest stalker i have ever had the pleasure of reading about and she is actually smart. THAT is a pant-shitting combo. Then Houjou Reisuke... where to start? He freaking injected deadly poison into tomatoes to kill Yuno and Yuki. This was his face:

Teehee, you almost died. lol

I am scared of children now.

Aaanyway, just came back from watching Johnny English Reborn. It was hilarious, nuff said. Fully recommend everyone watch it.
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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Feeling kinda embarrassed about my email address. I mean seriously soyasauceandotherstuff is a bit of a mouthful. And a pain in the arse to type when your keyboard is screwed.
Might be going out to watch Johnny English today. In case anybody didn't know I <3 Rowan Atkinson. He cracks me up every time and I don't care what anybody says, in my eyes, he is hot as hell.
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»Stupid piece-of-shit keyboard

My l key and apostrophe are not bloody working and i have to copy and paste them whenever i need to use it. So i attached an external keyboard which is freaking uncomfortable. So I still use my built in keyboard majority of the time. Oh and did I mention that my right Shift key is not working? So now I have to consciously remind myself to press the left Shift key instead.
So bloody bored at home.
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Friday, 16 September 2011

And for once, I dunno what the hell to write. I'm trying to rewrite the google doc. So interesting, eh?
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»With all due respect
Thursday, 15 September 2011

All teachers need to listen to this.
"It really makes me cringe when I hear someone say "respect your elders". What? Should I respect someone for living a long freaking time?
"'Other person: Oh, but if you don't show respect for their opinions, they won't show any respect for your opinions either'
Criss: I am not looking for mindless appreciation. And yes, I do want people to think about what I'm saying and hopefully understand my point. But I would never want people to respect my opinions for no other reason than that I expressed them."

I <3 her.
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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Just downed one mug of coffee.
In the words of a great sage of recent times:

-Spongebob Squarepants.
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101st post :D
So yea, my mom bought me some DIY deco chocolate. And then I decorated it. Wasn't that a surprise?
Stuff before deco

Finished products ^^
So yeap. Off to go chiong homework now! I'll be giving these out tomorrow!
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»Feeling refreshed
Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I was once again trying to finish my math homework but then I literally fell asleep halfway while doing it. Then I went off to have a 2 hour nap. Not saying I'm worse off than anyone right now because it seems everyone has only been getting like, 5-6 hours of sleep and 2-3 at worst. Ah well, everyone must Jiayou for EOYs! Final few weeks already, mug your ass off! But please sleep more, otherwise you'll fall sick and won't be able to come to school.
UPDATE 14/9/11: Apparently, someone DID end up falling really sick . Don't know why but I suppose the lack of sleep certainly didn't help. Yunnyunn, get well soon! Watapachi when you get back :3
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»I love my mom forever until the end of time
Monday, 12 September 2011

I was pestering her to buy me nice gum flavours and japanese candy if she saw any. She just called me. She bought 120 dollars worth of gum and candy :D 
I <3 her.
In other news, I napped for 2 hours because I am a weak-willed slacker who cannot resist the temptation of sleeping.
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»Damn bored

Contemplating skipping training. Sigh. Got my compo marks back and I swear I almost got up and killed Mrs. Rupa. I got "a generally nice attempt". Bitch, what the hell do you mean by "generally nice"?!?! I'll jam "generally nice" so far into your eyes you'll be seeing from the back of your head. Ass. 25/30 -.-
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»Note to ZD

Could you please bugger the fuck off? I know you want to read YL's private blog weally badly at the moment but there's a reason why it's called a PRIVATE blog, you dumbass. You really want to know what's there? At the moment, she's contemplating suicide. Because of you.
I'm betting you're having a huge fucking boner now, aren't you? I bet seeing people suffer because of you probably turns you on to no end, you sicko.
She was getting better, she didn't even talk about you so much anymore. Then you come along and all that progress turns to complete and utter shit. Please, if you even have the slightest inkling of anything vaguely pleasant in you, stay the fuck away from her.
Find a nice place to get lost and stay there.
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»fruit rope
Sunday, 11 September 2011

They have fruit rope in the provision shop! YES! I freaking love fruit rope.
So anyway, I was walking out to Tiong Bahru today to meet Wei Yee, then this random ass dude from Citibank actually approached me to ask whether I wanted to sign up for a credit card. I...I just...I don't...DO I LOOK LIKE I'M OLD ENOUGH TO SIGN UP FOR A DAMN CREDIT  CARD?!?! Feeling damn insulted.
And to YL, he was a douchebag anyway. Don't even bother getting upset, he's not worth it.
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»Single Chameleon
Saturday, 10 September 2011

S'posed to do my homework but lemme check random shit about my characteristics instead.
Aries- Pisces Cusp 19-26 March:

01. Pisces/Aries cusp is spiritual, often strongly intuitive, and they are receptive to the collective unconscious. (Which means...?)
02. They like to get things started and tend to display strong leadership. Their dedicated and assertive nature lets them eagerly lead the new cycle. 
03. They are unique in the sense that they are the chameleons of the Zodiac, receptive to the needs of others, but also tending to be about self and ego( too true) rather than the balance between people. However, they are not loners.
04. Pisces/Aries cusp individuals are adept at taking the ball and running with it, and projects tend to progress quickly under their guidance. (Disagree)
05. They are idealistic, but sometimes their dreams are vague and impractical. When reality intrudes, they can become pessimistic or lethargic, but they are very adaptive and broad-minded so they can rework their ideals, when necessary.
06. One of their great skills is reaching beyond normal limitations. They tend to be romantic and sentimental, but they may give in to escapism. They are devoted to their goals and are constantly initiating new projects.
07. Pisces/Aries play as hard as they work at the office. They greatly enjoy athletics, as sports give them a positive and healthy outlet for some of their natural aggression and emotional stress.
08. They are very artistic. (LOL, anybody who's seen my drawings will attest to the opposite)
09. The great strength of the Pisces/Aries-born is in their compassion, energy, initiative and courage. They reach out to others more skillfully than most other signs, and they especially enjoy helping others reach their fullest potential. Their natural sensitivity makes them one of the most understanding characters of the zodiac. 

...Yea, majority of that was bull crap. Maybe Birth Order will yield a better result?
An Only Child 
The characteristics of a first-born child are magnified in the only child. You can rely on an only child to be fairly loyal, as the loneliness of their childhood translates into a desire to be true. When only children set goals, they are able to accomplish things that seem impossible to others. But the only child is less of a perfectionist than the eldest child, and more likely to stray in a relationship, especially in a situation where it seems they will never get caught, such as a solo vacation or while their mate is out of town for an extended period. The only child tends to play by the rules but works behind the scenes to bend the rules their way. Only children tend to be leaders. With an inclination toward following social norms, they tend to find success within established boundaries. And they take responsibility, always sticking to the rules.

...That's all really fucking vague. What is 'fairly loyal'? You're either loyal or you aren't. 'Less of a perfectionist'? Then they're not really perfectionistic, are they? Weasel words and vague terms for both. I call bullshit on Birth order and Horoscopes. No doubt children in different birth orders have different characteristics but I was expecting something solid.
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»Finally back home

And for some odd reason I miss the noise in my mom's friend's house. Gah.
Looked at my bangs in the mirror.I hate my bangs. I hate them even more when they're short. I hate them the most when they're fucking flying up my damn face. And they usually go all wonky shaped because i have to wear them up because otherwise the oil from my hair makes me break the fuck out. Fuck this shit. I'll just be a  hermit wearing a hoodie while hiding in a corner. I feel freaking pissed off for some reason.
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»It is still pretty cool.

But have you ever sucked in water through your nose before? It hurts. While I suppose you could breathe in it, you would ruin your windpipe eventually.
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What many forget to mention is that it still feels like you're breathing in water. All animals used in experiments where they were suspended in perfluorohexane usually died of shock because they still thought they were drowning. It's water torture, really.
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»I do use google chrome

but it's still a weird URL.
Finally going to go back home today. One word: Awesome. I can finally sleep in peace without Pauline waking me up in the middle of the night to ramble about her fairy princess made of tissue paper. Yes, she seriously did that. Besides that, I really don't have much to talk about.
Will blog again later tonight.
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YL, your new blog URL is stinkin' hard to remember.
My mom's friend is an alcoholic through and through. Today she went through like, 2 bottles of Chardonnay in 5 hours. Alone. Then Pauline, being the pain in the ass that she usually is, pissed her mom off and she snapped. Big time. She got so mad that she ripped Pauline's book in to multiple pieces. Ouch. Being a book-lover, that was just tragic. But her mom has a temper and I couldn't quite blame her, all three of her kids acted up today and it was irritating to the nth degree. Even I snapped at them a few times.
I'm feeling kind of...I dunno, mellow?
Gonna go omnomnom on some tiramisu now. Bai~    One more try. I don't have anything left in me for anymore.
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»Pee in the pool
Thursday, 8 September 2011

"Walao, stop spitting water on me leh!" I shouted.
So yea, I was getting pretty annoyed at Maxime just now cos he kept spitting water on me while I was trying to float on the water. So to stop him from spitting water on me, I made up a lie.
"Eh, I peed in the pool leh."
It was lie. He bought it anyway. So he spit out the water and tried to scrape his tongue, it was all very funny. After that, he refused to step into the water. 7 year olds are fun to mess with.

Met YL for the first time today. It was a bit awkward at first but we warmed up to each other in the end. Then I dragged her down to the bugis Arcade and she had to stand around watching me fail at Jubeat. Yeap, my life is an adrenalin filled adventure. I'm lazy to type here, so if you want the full account go to her bloggy by clickety clicking here.
Nothing much to write today, actually. Baibai~
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»Nail Art
Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Did a poinsettia flower for nail art.It's so pwetty <3
I'd post a link but i'm tired.
Talked to YL. We're meeting on thursday for the first time
Talked to Sarah. Meeting her tomorrow
I don't want to talk any more. If you're opening your blog purely because you 'feel bad', screw off. I want my friend back, not a stranger who pities me.
I wanna sleep and and never wake up. And especially not someone who reconciled with me because otherwise it'd be inconvenient the next day.
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»No appetite
Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Not even for my chilli crab instant noodles. There must be something wrong with me. Chilli crab is the most delicious flavour of all instant noodles ever. Not even in a mood to write something emo or stupid here
Lost a follower on twitter, probably some subscriber bot. Can't be bothered to check.
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»I'm starting to think

That I get fevers when I go through intense emotion. I feel know when you have a high fever? The odd warmth that's not comforting in the least, that makes you feel really jittery and lethargic at the same time. At first I thought it was just because of the bug that's been going around recently, but 5 times in a span of 2 weeks is not normal, even if there is a bug going around.
Goddammit, I hate this feeling.
Sa-rah!~ update your blog!
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is really strong.   If only I could be the same

Also, the song rocks. David Guetta is a genius. 
Really, in all honesty, private your damn blog.  Did you know that being two-faced ultimately hurts a person more?
I rather like the Permission Denied screen now. Very bright and colourful. Up front, straight-forward. All very admirable qualities. It won't say that you can go in when really you can't. Is there such a thing as one-faced? If there is, the Permission Denied screen is the epitome of that.
Yeap. Maybe I'll create my own private blog so I can share with others the joy of the Permission Denied screen. And maybe the link will be .
What fun we shall all have, staring at the Permission denied screen, hmm?
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»Half -Arsed

Just discovered that cranberry juice + Heaven and earth green tea is freaking delicious :3 Cos I ran out of cranberry juice at a quarter cup so I mixed the rest with green tea. Heaven and Earth, to be exact, cos Pokka tastes like crap and doesn't have the same fragrance. Nope, nothing to say tonight. Really.
Sho bored and sleepy~
Ah well, nightie nights. Need to catch some shut eye.
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»Neri Ame
Monday, 5 September 2011

I want it. I want a lot of things. -wink wink- Lol, but anyways, today I chionged like, 4 math assignments today, freaking proud of myself. But i have 5 more. Fuu- lol, responding because you have guilty conscience? _l_
Good news is that they're all angles, which is my strong point *YES*.
Off to do now, bai!
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»Oh. Ok.

So nothing has changed. cool. no, seriously. Apologies are a dime dozen :/  Type the word 'cookies' in the tagboard if you see this :)
Durian durian, I lub you <3 I freaking love durian and my mom decided to let me have some *heaven*. But wow, now I feel like a douche towards Mandy. I can't really say I've been scarred by my parents divorcing because frankly, if they hadn't, I would probably go crazy by now.
My dad really REALLY pisses me off sometimes, today I was on the MRT when he called and because I was in a good mood, I picked it up. Wrong choice. He was drunk, so he was slurring all his words and I got more than a little annoyed at that. Then when I asked him to speak louder and more clearly, he started shouting. I mean fuck, I was in a good mood and now you have to ruin it, really?
It's not my fucking fault that you have a crappy line and an unnatural love for the bottle. And the way he was talking too, like he was trying to pick a fight with me. Piss off, you sad sack, my math skills surpassed yours at P3 _l_, don't talk to me like I'm a retard. You don't even have your own bloody house and to this day I still have no idea what the hell you do for a living (not that you can call what you're doing living).
I just get so uncontrollably angry whenever I think about him. He actually dared to accuse my mom of brainwashing me to hate him. Uh, hello? Brainwashing is so not needed, in fact my mom actually tries to get me to respect you, you turd. It's because of her that I bother picking up when you call at all.
Again, fucking hard to respect someone who you've seen grovel on the ground in a half-conscious mess, asking whether he was in hell and then promptly pass out. Even harder when the next day he starts arguing about his rights and the police have to drag him out.
Okie dokes, so the last few paragraphs have been ranting about my dad, so time for some sunshine, no?
Yeppers, so today went grocery shopping with mom which is always great, get to stockpile all my snacks food.
Soba, pitted prunes (i have cravings), cereal, bonito flakes, shiro miso, starbucks coffee ice-cream (!!!),  yoghurt etc. Was supposed to get smoked salmon but I forgot D:
I'm actually in a terrible mood, so I'll end this post before I rant again.     White Confession: I worry about myself a lot sometimes. Sometimes I get these flashes of rage and I just want to hurt something. Very badly. Usually the only thing that holds me back is my empathy. Before you scoff, let me tell you what my kind of empathy is. I think about how I want to hurt a person, say, knife to the stomach. While I'm imagining that playing out, in another part of my mind, it deflects that injury back to me. Like how I would feel if I got that wound and the pain. Really. That's it. That's the only thing that keeps me from actually following through on my threats to punch people. I worry for the day that I get over that entirely irrational fear.I hold back not because it would hurt for the other person, or the consequences, but because of myself . I AM a selfish turd

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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Why do elders always tell you to rub a bruise? I mean, it's basically broken vessels under the skin; wouldn't rubbing actually cause MORE damage?
Has anyone else ever been in the shower and just let the water run down their fingertips and pretended they had magic powers? I know I have.
Feeling like a badass when you catch something when it was dropping. Matrix ain't got nothing on you.

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Saturday, 3 September 2011

I hate those stupid spambots filling up my tagboard. Need to go and delete their comments every once in a while. I wonder why my blog is suddenly getting so many views though. It's like, 20 ahead of WY and I'm pretty sure more people know about her blog than mine. Hmm.
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»Cosplay costume complete
Friday, 2 September 2011

Yea, my camera has terrible quality and I suck at taking piccies but here's my complete costume, ears included.

Funny story 'bout the dress. I was actually considering going over to buy it tomorrow but dragged WY and Sarah there anyways. When we got there, it just so happened that someone else was trying it. Someone who also wanted to buy it ASAP. If we had gotten there any later, I probably wouldn't have been able to buy it TT.TT  Lucky lucky lucky ~
 Made the ears from foam, with WY watching while I struggled to use the shitty super -glue. Their costumes are completed as well, AFA is gonna be awesome. Anybody else interested in joining? More the merrier.
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»Just met my mom's new BF

Haha, he was actually pretty funny. I had to teach him how to convert Youtube videos to mp3 files so that I could get me monies from my mom for tomorrow. He has like, two tribal arm tattoos on each arm. I was surprised that my mom would date someone with tattoos though. Ah well.

So sad, my hair is in perfect condition right now and I have to sleep.
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Thursday, 1 September 2011

WAHAHAHA! I hit 100 views! It's a completely mundane achievement but never mind ~
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