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ยปYou guys better come to school tomorrow...
Thursday, 22 September 2011

Woke up at 5 am and started revising some chinese phrases then went to school. Studied a while then I gave up and just ended up chatting with random people. I seriously forgot who, don't blame me >< 
Cos Mdm Low had to attend some sort of meeting, we ended up slacking in class. So Mandy started talking about our daily routine and doing it every three days, then I suggested doing it in the back of the class. So we asked Isabellay-san and fluffles to come over and do it with us. It was a complete and utter failure. After completing like, 50 jumping jacks, 20 (fail) pushups, 10 burpees and like, 5 crunches in 5 minutes, we burned out and just decided to sit around instead. Yea, we pretty much shit on the good name of canoeists.
I'm gonna get fat, I swear.
So after sitting around for a while, Joelle came up behind me and zapped me. I was kinda too tired to care, then she started making me do the zombie macarena and the hokie pokie. I think I whacked her more than a few times like that.Then again, she WAS the one manipulating my limbs, so it's your fault, dopey. 
And other shit and stuff happened and i'm lazy to write so baibaiz~ 
Oh and Sarah-koi, when are you coming back :3
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