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»Oh god
Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I'm pretty sure I'll freak some people out.
Results of The 3-Variable Sexuality Spectrum Test:
Yeap. I'm apparently pretty damn close to bisexual. Take that as you will.

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»Fucking hell
Friday, 27 January 2012

I was planning on writing a longer post tonight

But I'm kind of upset at the moment so I'm just gonna keep it short and sweet. Blame it on the hormones, whatever.

Shit happened and I saw it coming but still tried to hope for the best. It came anyway and now my thoughts are veering off into pity party mode.

Stupid Mindy, thinking that people could change.

I'll be better in 24 hours, I swear. Just let me wallow in despicable self pity for a day.
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»Going crazy trying to memorize lines.
Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cos performance is coming up in less than a month and I have to get my lines down pat. I feel really freaking nervous whenever I'm about to go on stage and I start flupping up. Somehow I just feel like there's a hell lot of pressure to do well O.O
Since I heard that Mr M was planning on giving it to a more experienced senior but then decided to take a risk on me. The thing is, I've had like, a week to actually go through my lines and practice and blackbox is gonna be on the 28th...
Everyone else has had at least thrice the time I've had to perfect their roles. And lots of people keep telling me to act a certain way because the person before me acted that way.
I really... Don't feel that's right. I mean, shouldn't the person doing the character decide how to interpret and potray him/her?


Nobody actually reads my blog anyway. They usually just skim through for gossip ._.

Anyway, had lunch with Sarah today. Ended up talking bout crap till she had to go.

I'm actually really tired so imma go sleep.
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»Lol, what the hell do you think you're trying to pull?
Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dear mimi-koi
  You know, this is why as far as possible I try to be as frank as possible with everyone. You think I don't know what you're doing? Suddenly going all friendly with literally everyone and going around with that dumbass innocent look on your face. 'Oh, do you know why Mindy is mad at me?' says the 'damsel' in 'distress'.

  This thing you're trying to do, painting me as a psycho bitch who gets mad for no reason by going around feigning innocence as to why your very presence irks me now? Very smart. It might work if it weren't me you were trying it on and you doing it. Remember how I mentioned something before about why I'm as frank as possible with people? Situations like these are where my reputation comes in real handy. You see, I'm already known as a psycho bitch :)
  Everyone in class is quite clear on that fact. I'm known to just say things straight to your face. But what you're trying to tell people runs directly opposite to what I'm known for.
  I've had a year to establish my (admittedly screwed) rep and you've had a year to destroy yours brick by brick. If THIS is your great attempt at 'ruining me for miles around' you may have your units confused.

  Did you mean nanometers?

  Keep your cards close to your hilariously over sized chest, dipshit. Everyone, and I DO mean everyone knows how you act. We've all seen it a million times in class when talking to teachers.
When I sent you those texts telling you the class opinion of you, it was for your own goddamn sake. And then you turned around and started dissing not just me, but the whole class.

  I'm sorry that you consider yourself a tragic soul just because you have to hold back your bitchy ass comments that might hurt people's feelings. If you have nothing good to say, don't fucking say ANYTHING. You think we're fucking stupid? Of course we can tell you're patronizing us with that stupid guai kia voice of yours.

Seriously. Get off your damn high horse.

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»To start off
Friday, 6 January 2012

Eyebrow waggling... tingly~

Things I'm about 70% sure of.

When in doubt, you are probably wrong.

Sturgeon's law is undeniably true. And it applies to you too.

As I learn and find out new things, the more I realize how little I know.

It you want to make sure your secret is really safe, tell it to the class loudmouth. Better yet, BE the class loudmouth.

Wear your heart on your sleeve, keep your brain in your pocket.

It's hard for people to smear your reputation if you follow the above.

Be nice to strangers, always.

It things can go wrong, they will.

If you plan on being a liar, at least read some books on psychology and body language and practice.

If you have to think of the witty retort before you say it, chances are, you'll probably stutter.

You are a single person in a certain district of a country with dozens of others. Your country is a single country on a planet with a couple hundred other countries. Earth is a single planet in a solar system. Our solar system is a single solar system in a galaxy with hundreds of thousands of other solar systems. Our galaxy is only one in a sea of thousands, which is called a galactic supercluster. Our cluster is a single one in a universe with billions, if not trillions of superclusters.

We are that small and insignificant.

Now, what's the big deal about your boyfriend cheating on you again?

You are the maker of your destiny. Sure you publicly embarrassed yourself by falling backwards on your chair because you were rocking back and forth but DAY-UM, that was YOUR embarrassment dude. You totally pwned yourself. You were the one who chose to do it. Nobody has the power to force you.
And that rocks.

That's really all I have so far.
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»Rant on random jumbled together stuff
Monday, 2 January 2012

Sorry, I just need to blow off some steam. I've been a lonely desperate worm today. Don't read it if you don't like people who talk about themselves a lot. But then again, this IS my blog. Who else am I going to talk about? The wall?

'I don't have pet peeves. I have major psychotic fucking hatreds.' - George Carlin

There are usually a few ways to make me snap. None of them are particularly easy to achieve since although I may blow off steam every once in a while to people close to me, I don't actually say anything publicly until somebody somehow manages to hit just the right nerve hard enough.

I consider myself a pretty nice person. I know, I know, I do bitch occasionally and show black face here and there every once in a while but honestly, once I bitch somebody out, I'm less likely to stage a full blown temper tantrum.

Consider the alternative. I could hold everything inside and smile and not say a single bad word about somebody even though they're being rather prick-like. I could do that and give everyone the impression I have no problem with the prick in question until some small move of dickery steps across the line and I go full crazy bitch out to ruin your life with no warning at all.

Or I could blow off a little steam at a time without going full rage mode and possibly regretting it at a later date. Like, imagine it as the difference between slowly letting the gas out of a coke can by giving it a few small stirs at a time or just shaking it like a maniac and popping it open such that it 'splodes all over the place. I am a bitch to be kind in the long run.

Now, onto the main subject of my post. Things that actually piss me off. Ignorance is usually the root cause of things that tick me off. Stupidity. Sheeple syndrome. The base of my own personal philosophy is simple. I have a brain, I can use it, so I shall. everything stems out from there. I will not follow society's cultural norms blindly. I will also not follow the counterculture simply because in the end, the counterculture is just the norms of typical society but flipped inside out. And doing things blindly just because society at large finds it disagreeable is stupid

I know something that I say rather often is that majority of people are idiots. That by no measure means that I'm advocating rebellion against how majority of the population does things. Seriously, sometimes things are done a certain way for a reason, people.

But there are people out there, that some how believe that since they're in a minority, it automatically makes them superior to the majority. Sorry bucko, it doesn't work that way. A good example of this is the recent rise in Atheism. I'm sorry honey, just because you've suddenly changed your facebook religion status to Atheist doesn't make you any smarter than the religious nuts you flame. You cannot call yourself an atheist one moment and preach the power of logical thinking and rationality one moment and start gushing about how you and your crush must be fated by the stars to be together because you are born under compatible horoscopes. That pisses me off.

Aaaand it's four in the morning. Imma stop ranting.

Seriously though, I'm starting consider renaming this blog to 'Read as Mindy tried to write some dipshit philosophy she'll probably regret ten years down the road while she slowly goes insane trying to find a linear path of thought that doesn't fuck itself over in the dark twisted labyrinth of her mind! It's like twister for sado-masochists!'
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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Actually, not really. At the moment of writing, I'm in what is essentially a pressurized tin can shooting across the night sky. But I'll have to wait till I get back to Singapore to post this because China is as sensitive about blocking just about everything as a pregnant woman wearing a rapeguard. Except It was literally the only thing that kept me from going absolutely bonkers these past few days.
That and the ridiculous shopping I've been doing these past few days.
Aw yea, I've been buying stuff left and right, I'll probably post pics of my loot once I get back home. I swear, my ego has probably swelled three times it's normal size from all the shopkeepers kissing my ass. Lol, when I went to this one roadside barbeque place, the guy serving us thought I was Korean because apparently 'Koreans are the best looking.'
I guessed it was because I was mainly just speaking english to my mom at the time and he assumed I didn't know any Chinese. I was going to correct him but then my mom just played along because she's an arse like that sometimes. Another thing was that people kept mistaking me for 15 or 16.
Ah well, I'e gotten used to that already.
But seriously, you can go crazy shopping here. Everything is so flipping cheap. Like, I got a mani-pedi here because I was bored of following my mom around shopping and it cost 60¥. 5¥ is about 1SGD. That is 12 dollars, peeps. Majority of the stuff here is like, half the price of stuff back in Singapore or less! And I finally bought myself some more dresses and stockings.
Yea, you read that right. I got myself some more stockings. I think I rather like them. I also got some sneakers so I won't have to constantly wear my grey sandals, as much as I <3 them to death.
The food in Zhu Hai was amazing. Although most of he the time I was eating at roadside stalls or small little unknown and sanitarily questionable places, the food was delicious. Eat your heart out, Richard. Seriously though, I saw two rats run across the place I was eating lunch at. My mom and her friend screamed and jumped up on the seats. It was hilarious.
And the hotel we were staying at...hehehe. Turns out the room we booked was more of a lover's room. The wall separating the bathroom and the bedroom was made of glass XD Luckily, there was a blind to cover it. We only really realised it was a lover's room after my mom announced from the toilet that she'd found condoms and KY jelly among the complimentary toiletries.
Did I mention the Internet there is wanky as hell? China blocked YouTube, Facebook, twitter and tumblr. It was utter shit. And I couldn't use proxy shields because china blocked those too. Yay for free sp-*****content censored for inapropriate material*****
But other than that, I had an awesome time in China. My in-flight meal has just arrived, so, adieu!
Oh, and a very happy new year to all of you :) I'm spending mine buttering a roll on an airplane. With a brat kicking my seat from the back! Fresh starts for all!
I fucking hate flight delays.
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