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Thursday, 29 March 2012

I was supposed to write this while still bloody angry at my dad, but then I watched this :

It's so wonderful omg. This is one movie I WILL WATCH. Right next to The Avengers and The Iron Lady. But just pointing something out, it's starting to look a little bit, umm, Pixar styled? It has that sort of same quality. Just saying.

Anyway, my dad. He was irritating the crap out of me today. He was constantly spamming me with calls when I was in school and it pissed the shit out of me. Then I picked up and he was all like 'You are going to come out on Saturday with me from 1-4 PM.' 
Unfortunately, I already agreed with Hui Xuan and Asshole that I was going to go BYD shopping with them. So I was like 'Uh, no. I already have an appointment with my friends.'
He kept insisting and I asked why it was so important that I go. Guess what he says? 'Oh, uh, because my friends want to see you.'

What I really wanted to say went along the lines of, 'Your 'friends' are no good alcoholic losers who couldn't tell the difference between a steaming pile of shit and their mirror. I don't WANT to see them. I'll probably have to wash out my eyes with bleach.'
Then of course he pulled the 'I your father, you my daughter, ugga ugga listen to me!'
Luckily for him, I was in front of Sarah and on a bus and in school uniform so I didn't pull out any vulgarities. Not as lucky for him, I have no qualms about raising my voice once we got off and were walking through the carpark. Then he was all 'If you don't come on Saturday, I'll sever our relationship as father and daughter!'
I guess what he expected was for me to start sobbing and begging him not to do that. 
What he got was a hanged phone. Obviously he wasn't very serious about disowning me since immediately after I acknowledged that I didn't actually want to be his daughter, he called me about 5 more times and then went on to bug my mom.

Dear Daddy,
If you're reading this right now.

So screw you and your goat.

Edit: P.S My mom wanted to add in a little something here. And that is, if you dare come up to our house uninvited, she will be more than happy to punch you in the face, something she's been itching to do ever since the Surabaya trip where you called her a 'fucking bitch' for not letting you interrupt my internationalisation trip.

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»What's going on?
Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I'm just really puzzled at the moment. It's not that i haven't been having enough sleep, I'm just puzzled. By literally everything. How did anything happen? Why are there computers? How did language come about? Everything seems to be blending into a blur. I actually can't tell between my dreams and reality anymore. Sigh.
Gotta stop having naps in the middle of class.
I hate feeling like I have a layer of cling wrap all over my senses. Everything's so bloody dull. The only time I actually feel anything is that kick before performing. So blargh.
Now I know it's not just missing Surabaya (although that is definitely there), or hormones. I've been feeling this way more and more often lately, even when there's nothing bad about my day. God, I sound like I'm developing clinical depression.
Fuck it, I'll just go do my art now.
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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Aren't you just DELIGHTED that I've updated my blogskin? It was getting really dreary. I mean, shit, even /i couldn't be bothered reading my own posts. Lots of stuff to update but its kinda late and I should be going to sleep.
I fixed my keyboard :D
I did.
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»So I Was like
Saturday, 17 March 2012

Yea. So today right, I like, thought about something while I was doing something with someone. And it was-bleeped too long-
So yea, the basic idea was like:
and  -people-
and when people do certain stuff then big stuff happens and people don't like but really they can just not do stuff!
And yea today I:
-ate brix
And ya gulfran. Dis my shrt blgpst tdy.
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»Prompt Friday: For you. Only for you would I kill them all
Friday, 2 March 2012

They don't matter, right?
They were problems and I solved them.
They didn't want us together, love.
Darling, look me in the eyes, I don't want to hurt you.
Don't run away, I beg you.
I couldn't bear to see you turn away from me.
Look past the gore and dirt
and the growing pool of
red beneath my feet.
You're so fragile, my dear, slow down!
Look! Now you've fallen.

Please don't thrash about,
You might get hurt.
The knife is shar-

Perhaps it's for the best,
if you can't see in this life,
maybe you'll see in the next...


And that, dear readers, is how bloody bored I was during Chinese.
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