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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Where to start?
This is gonna be another completely all over the place post so uh, yea. Mostly covering e-learning week cos my memory sucks like that.

National Day Celebration:

There was a lot of screaming. And singing. And sing-screaming. Apparently Hui Xuan sat on Joelle's head at some point of time and Joelle was pissed. But me, being the oblivious blockhead that I am didn't notice at all and just went on my merry way in the conga line so...

Put it this way. I don't think I was conscious for a large part of it. 

(For the stupid readers out there, that means I was asleep)



Woke up on Monday, did my elearning and playing LoL afterwards with fluffy. Got our asses handed to us by bots but hey we haven't played in months okay don't judge. She was just going crazy over how many new characters were open and picking the hottest female characters she could find while I stuck with trusty ol' Annie. Tibbers is awesome, that is all. Also, if Fluffy is reading this, I DEALT ALMOST TWICE AS MUCH DAMAGE AS YOU HAHAHAHAH.

Tuesday I ended up going all the way to Chua Chu Kang to play badminton with Wei Yee and the rest. Christine kept sending us reminders to be early and whatnot but she ended up arriving the latest despite living the closest. *Cough*irony*Cough*. It was hilarious watching Joelle fail at badminton. I swear to god, she just stood.               
                                            While.            Shuttlecock. 
                                    There.                                      Flew

(Didja get the joke. The words are like the path of the shuttlecock and 'her' is her. Zomg liek i'm so smart ikr)

She ended up getting injured the most despite playing the least so but then again it's Joelle. Waddya expect? And I kept twirling the badminton racket until I literally tore the skin on my index finger. Genius Mindy strikes again.

Wednesday was Batman day! And not a day too late either, it was the last day Batman was showing in GV. Hui Xuan was spazzing throughout and afterwards she told me that apparently she was trying to lean on my shoulder but I was too tall so she leaned on Fluffy instead. Why am I telling you about this? Because it's my blog and I'll post what I want bi-yotch. We wandered around Daiso and bought caramel corn because we're all gonna die of heart disease one day, so screw it. Can't remember much else. Short term memory woohoo!

Thursday and Friday I can't remember what I did so I'll go ahead and assume I was concussed on my bed again. Now that I think of it, I can't actually remember much else about my weekend either lol so I don't think anything happened. 

Today we had to go back to schoool and I was late and I might've forgotten the anthem when asked to sing it so heh... Reema and I thought class ended at 12.35 because Mr Chan didn't come up so we went to the canteen and met with Mick, Naomi, Sharne and Mary. We were there until like 12.50 when Hannah came up to us and told us Mr Chan miraculously got off his fat ass to come up to class. Needless to say, we panicked and dashed back up to class. Mr Chan proved just as dense as always and didn't really seem to give a shit so we didn't get scolded yay! 

He then promptly left 5 minutes after so we ran up for no reason at all. Great. Then class ended for realsies and we went back down again. Badminton happened. Then lunch. At 4 o'clock. Because proper eating patterns are for healthy people who care pfft.

I really don't know what else to write. So uh. Thanks for reading? 

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