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ยปThere was pole dancing.
Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I'm sitting in my bed right now after showering and I still can't stop smiling. Today was our sec 4 farewell, the one we've been planning for about two months. The theme was Alice in Wonderland and everything was wonderful indeed.
The plan was to act extremely aloof so that the Sec 4s would get a little bit unnerved and fall for our Haunted house a lot easier. Inarguably, that plan flopped. Miserably.
It's kind of hard to be aloof when it's not just seniors aren't just seniors to you. They're your friends. And it's even harder when they surround you and start patting your head and telling you not to be sad because you've got big boobs. Shayna was all staring at me like
Anyway, after that we kinda gave up and ended up talking to them anyway. The haunted house failed anyway. Every Sec 4 group had one of THOSE people. You know, the kind who responds to fear with incessant screaming of vulgarities and ruining it for everyone else. Yep. So the haunted house kinda failed.

A lot of stuff and food and laughing and stuff later, we had our dance. And it was epic. We turned off most of the lights in the PAT and started blasting clubbing music. Everyone was just dancing/wiggling/seizuring with the music and I think there was a lot of grinding. And then somewhere along the line Kash started pole- dancing and we had a conga and and and so much things ALL THE THINGS FUCK ASDFGHJKL;'.

Then Jasmin, Mick, Reema, Neya and I went to Tiong and ate at 18 chefs for dinner. The lazy ass bastards didn't even bother blending the damn chillies into their tomato sauce and I choked on a piece of chilli and gagged for about 5 minutes. Reema and Jasmin, claiming that they were used to eating raw chilli then popped a small slice in their mouths and experienced the same mouth searing pain I was going through. Smart. We ended up ping-ponging through so many topics of conversation from LGBT rights and discrimination and Shoot-Shag-Marry then Would You Rather? 

It was so much fun and words cannot possibly describe what we went through today. I'll miss the sec 4s and I think I'll always regret not joining LD earlier, but I treasure the time I had with them as it is. Sigh, my throat really hurts from screaming like that just now though, gonna go fix myself a cup of honey water. Ciao~
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