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ยปAnd 'crash' went the potted plant...
Monday, 2 July 2012

  I thought today was gonna be a crap day since I had to wake up really early (for my standards anyway) and go to the National Library for project work. But it was actually really fun and surprisingly, we actually did work.

  We were sitting on the floor next to a potted plant and then the security guard asked us to move since, I don't know man, apparently our butts will dirty the floor? So while getting up, Ayesha lost her balance and knocked over a potted plant and attracted the attention of just about everyone. 
Besides that, nothing else eventful happened.


  Pink dot was just

  Like seriously. At first I was getting a hell lot of stares on the train since I decided to go all out flamboyant with my outfit. Hey, why not? It's Pink Dot after all. I was late to meet Mick and Reema so in the end they went to the park without me. Long story short, I got lost and discovered that one has a better chance of a goldfish flying than Reema giving you good directions.

  Anyway, I got there and attempted to strangle Reema while Mick gave me a once -over. Holy crap, Mick if you are reading this, you are the creepiest mofo I have ever met, bar none. Then she was just like "What in the heck are you wearing?" along with this:
  And then we wandered around and stuff and captured some pretty hilarious signs. Well, Mick captured them , my camera is crap so I didn't. A lot of other stuff happened that I'm pretty sure no-one wants to read about so I'll skip, but before we lit up to form the dot, there were so many inspirational speeches from the ambassadors and Reema started crying. I was tearing up too, actually. 
 In those few moments, it felt like Someday would be possible. That maybe if we kept up this spirit of utter love and unity, maybe Singapore would be accepting of the gay community. It's a long way to go, but it is totally possible

  After Pink Dot, we ended up hoboing along the Singapore river and had a pretty private talk, so I guess I won't write about that here. Maybe my private.

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