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ยปKing of the World
Wednesday, 18 July 2012

  David is King of the World.
  David is Happy.
  He has everything one could ask for. He has experienced the finest luxuries and met the most beautiful women alive. He has seen the greatest wonders the world has to offer and has a mind well-developed to appreciate it. Yet David doesn't feel as happy as a King should.
  David has seen the contentment on an elderly couples' face as they stroll through the sun, hand in hand as if they were to live forever. He has heard the carefree joy in children's laughter when they play, cheeky balls of energy weaving through obstacles in a game of tag.
  Inwardly, he tells himself he is much better off than them. They, after all, are not Kings of the World. They have not lived as much as he. He is King, and they are Not.
  They are Not. And he Is.

  He whispers to himself as he falls off into the land of dreams. 

  Falling into a pit of lies and self-deceit. Because David isn't happy but he'd be worse off acknowledging the fact. As a wise man once said,

Ignorance is Bliss.

This was extremely self-indulgent and I honestly have no idea where the fuck I was going with it but HEY, at least I'm not writing Mary-Sues. Amirite? IN MY DEFENCE THOUGH, I WAS LISTENING TO THIS:

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