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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

...then I cooled down. I was so unbelievably mad just now when my Agar shattered. Then Ms Azimah said that we could present our agars in the container. I almost killed somebody. Then I threw my Agar in the trash and awaited my doom. Then Ms Azimah told me that I still had to present her with the shattered remains of my Agar. That I clawed out of the bin. Yay. The, I stayed back to do animation with fluffles and co. Then I rushed to Clementi to meet up with Sarah-Koi and others (lazy to type out). Yeap, that's about it.

@Yiling. Yes, it was an impulsive post but I won't be removing it any time soon. It's the same reason why I don't private my blog, I won't take back what I say unless it's proven to be based on a completely false/wrong facts. At which point of time, I'll take back what I say in a later post.  I respect your privacy quite a fair bit. If I didn't I would have been quoting from your private blog left, right and center. But you have to respect my right to express my own opinions. As far as I can see, nothing I said actually revealed what you wrote on your blog or implied as to the contents.
If you don't like my method of getting my point across, then tell me how else I can get through to you? Because it seems that when I try taking the pleasant approach, it doesn't quite work, does it?
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