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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Saw something else that pissed me right off.
“@SKINNYWH0RES: Suicide isn't selfish. Putting someone through so much pain that they want to end it all, well that's even more selfish.”

...*headdesk* all I have to say is that you are one self-entitled, selfish bitch if you think that suicide is a perfectly ok and fine. I'm not taking about exceptional cases where the person is a vegetable or something, I'm talking about you as a normal, fully functional human being. You have no right to say that. You dumb bitch.
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»Life is a bitch
Tuesday, 18 October 2011

That phrase is well and truly abused. It used to be something powerful, like when you said it, you knew the person who said it was gonna get off his butt and kick life's hindquarters into the apocalypse.
Now people use it as a free pass to continue whining about how shitty their life is. Oh COME ON, grow the fuck up you pathetic sacks of shit. Any kind of 'depression' or 'loneliness' or 'heartbreak' you feel is only temporary, kay? So stop giving me melodramatic bs about how your 'world is crashing down around you' and 'your heart feels like it's being wrenched in two'. At this age, any 'crisis' you're going through is probably laughably temporary. Stop taking yourself so seriously. If your arm isn't trapped under a boulder, stop whining. If your heart isn't LITERALLY being wrenched in two, shut up ( if it is, seek medical attention straight away, that shit ain't healthy). If you're not the last man or woman on earth, shut up about your loneliness and talk to somebody instead of giving people attitude and being an antisocial asshole.
Really, young punks nowadays.
So, can you update your blog now, weiyee?
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»I was in such a good mood...
Wednesday, 12 October 2011

then my dad called. He's back in singapore. He didn't tell me. He wants to see me. He didn't tell me. He's leaving next week. He didn't fucking tell me. I mean, seriously? At least give me a week's notice, right? I really, really don't like it when he comes back. Nothing but trouble and PMS from my mom.
Anyway, not gonna aggravate myself. Apparently, Roald Dahl was a douche of epic proportions. Like, srsly.
Really running out of shit to whine about.
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»What the bloody hell...
Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Today, Sarah, Wei Yee, Christine and Joelle all fell sick and couldn't come to school *headdesk*
So I got back my English CA marks and I'm pretty damn happy with them. Finally got an A and beat Naomi and Liu Qi.
Tomorrow'll be my math paper and I'm worried. Of the four exam subjects, it's one of my weaker ones :/ Especially angles, with all the bloody explanations. Also worried about my linear equations. Can only hope they ask lots of number sequence question (don't kill me please). Need to pull my grades up to a B. Aish.
Oh and yea, Naomi finally got a blog :D Clickyhere Don't expect to see much there. Just a lot of philosophy and stuff.
No drama, no long blog posts. Sigh.
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»When I say

"I'll hand it up today" I mean "If I hand it up, it'll be ten seconds before midnight."
Lol, just heard Nick Cannon say something pretty funny. "You know what they say about Vegas. What happens in Vegas ends up plastered all over the damn internet the next day." So very true (Y)
I really don't have much to say.
G'night then
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»Going out of my mind
Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sometimes I wish my head would just STFU for 10 minutes. I wanna do something stupid and laugh my ass off and not think about philosophy and random plot bunnies and how I wanna kill somebody and would that bird outside my window shut up? Good fucking lord, I ain't no bloody Disney princess, fuck off.
I wanna take out my swaveboard and just not think about anything while going up and down the corridors. I wanna go in-line skating, biking, ice-skating, swimming, bloody anything that doesn't require any of my higher faculties. Even canoeing would be better than this hell. I feel like I'm bursting with energy and my insides are going fucking hyper but I can't let any of it out. Why can't my EOYs be on monday and tuesday?

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EDIT : Yea, on hindsight, this was one of my more trippy posts. It's kind of hard to understand and I lost even myself in some parts. But if you get what I'm trying to say, kudos. Give yourself a cookie in the tagboard and tell me what you think :D

So yea, was stalking one of kelly friends and read her post about the System and all that.

This is how I see it, kay? There is no way you're ever gonna be right. Every time you think you've got life all figured out, life is just gonna throw something at you and turn around and give you a troll face and you're left with your worldview all fucked up again. And that's the only thing you can ever be sure about. So why bother with all the drama and emoness and crap?

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants
-Isaac Newton

Why do people choose time and again to be the metaphorical giants? You are not the first to experience what you're feeling now, despite what you may believe. Why not look further, beyond what others may have seen by building on top of them? Why must you waste away your life so that you'll just be yet another giant, reaching the same height as everybody else, perhaps even lower, before your life ends. Stand on the shoulders of those who've already gone through life and see beyond what they have seen. You are young, don't spend it in the same way that the youth before you did, because look at them now.And believe it or not, you're going to end up just like them like they did the generation before and the one before that... Because, well, you know, refer to the above^
Challenge your beliefs, don't wait for somebody else to do it for you. And if somebody's already done something, learn from them. If it works in science/math/history/language, it'll probably work for you. Another quote to end the post:
Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them.
- George Santayana

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»Grow a pear
Saturday, 8 October 2011

I couldn't stop laughing at this XD
My mum heard this and asked me what grow a pear means lol.
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»Did I ever mention...
Friday, 7 October 2011

How much I hate liars? Yes, yes, I know I lie to teachers about homework all the time, but nobody gets hurt, right? Sigh.
Yea, Mr Goh was a flaming douchebag a la mode today.Was bloody unreasonable and shit but I shan't waste anymore time thinking about that idiot with anger management issues.
So Naomi came over today to revise Scicence with me. We got through about half of physics then we ended up playing tetris. After bout half an hour, she had to leave. Just nice, it started raining. So I had to lend her an umbrella. Wonder if i'm ever gonna see it again COUGHmadeincandyCOUGH.
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Everyone needs to calm downnnn. While I don't completely with what you're doing, everyone else needs to sit their asses down too. Shouting at each other in all caps on your blog is not gonna help anybody here. Why don't you, uh, talk to each other IRL? Much better than blogging about it, yes?
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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Does it makes sense to be confused about whether you like someone? Because I am. Is there some sort of time limit, like, 2 months and if you still feel the same way, it's official? It would be so much easier if that was how things went. Hah, but there really is no hope for this. Anyway, it's kind of doomed to be unrequited.
Gay rant
Something I never got was how people say homosexuality is unnatural. How can love be unnatural? Especially when it comes from Christians. Isn't God love?
Did you know that homosexuality isn't something that occurs purely in humans? Homosexual tendencies have been observed in several other kinds of animals. Seagulls, penguins,  up to 1500 known animal species have shown cases of homosexuality with 500 well documented ones.
Being gay isn't a choice, much like how being black isn't a choice or how having a particular fondness for the colour pink isn't a choice. Society raises you to be straight. It idealises the traditional nuclear family (Wife husband kid). Homosexuals are usually scorned by society and are seen in a bad light. Seeing all that, how could anybody say that being gay is a choice? Who would choose to be persecuted and hated by society, taking at best insults and verbal harassment, at worst beatings and even death in certain societies.
Really, who would choose that?
Remember when you were a kid and certain colours were for boys and certain colours were for girls? Eventually, you grew out of it because you realised just how silly limiting somebody to certain colours is because of your gender.
Isn't it silly to limit who somebody can love because of their gender?
Daily Blog Entry
Ate at Pepper Lunch with the same people as always. Then walked around Jurong Point and didn't really accomplish anything. Then Christine left. Then we wasted more time. Then Joelle and Mandy left and shortly after, Sarah and I decided to go too. Then we saw Joelle and Mandy at the train station, because the train is one slow mofo. Sarah and I went to Clementi so that I could help her with her science (hint: it failed really badly). Eventually after trying to keep her on task for like 15 minutes (condom mushrooms and lolita fetish FTW) we ended up just screwing off to my house where she made me watch something about cannon penis. It was actually pretty funny. I still hate smosh.
Failed at nail art and then she screwed off.
And then it rained.
And that was Mindy's Big day out *claps hands spastically*

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»Been a while since I've updated this, eh?

Slept at 7 last night. Took a nap yesterday  from 4-6. Yea, I basically woke up for one hour and gave up. Been feeling really tired lately, even with my normal sleep schedule.
Ze diary section 
So yesterday's paper wasn't too bad. I tried something completely different for my english compo though, so I'm either screwed or I'm gonna do awesomely.
After the papers we went out to clementi and ate at KFC. Well, they ate. I mooched WY's mashed potato and took some of mandy's popcorn chicken.  And then I felt bad. And then I took some more.
We were all really staticky (?) and kept giving each other jolts. Espescially Sarah, her right arm got it almost 10 times.
So then they went to Koi and I tagged along but I ended up stoning on a bench and falling asleep. When I woke up, I was panicking (sorta) 'cos I thought they went off already. Just nice I got up and they walked out of Koi. For everything else, go track down WY's blog.

Other stuff
As much as I find drama quite entertaining, the kind of drama going on right now is the really sian kind. Person A say Person B got attitude then give B attitude. B see A attitude then give A attitude again. Then the whole group ignores A. And it's just getting really stupid. Seriously? Give attitude over taking bus or taxi?!? Good lord, are we 5? And these kind of things happen everyday.
Everyone needs to just chill and cut everybody else slack. Exam stress and shit. -Preaching over-
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»odd thoughts
Saturday, 1 October 2011

Am I the only one who does this? When I'm thinking about *ahem* certain things while walking in public, sometimes in my mind I'll just start blaring '*beep* *beep* walrus alert, I repeat WALRUS ALERT' and look around to see if anyone is giggling or has a shocked look, y'know, if they read my mind. Heh.
Dropped, like, 3 ranks on tetris. Freaking pissed, I was at 16 yesterday too. Been listening to Adele.

Someone like youuuu~
I want to get back to school, dammit. The rashes aren't even painful anymore, its just like thik skin now. Tsk.
But still, when i go back to the doctor, I'm gonna ask for an exemption from PE ^^. Gained at least 1 kg... Hah, like I actually care. More of me to go around ;D 
When I get back to school, gonna start hugging freaking everybody. Including rachel (try Dettol-ing  me now, eh?)
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