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ยป"Clubs and Societies are slacker CCAs"
Monday, 8 April 2013

I resent this sentiment. Really, I do. Okay, I can't speak for the other C&Ss, but personally I do know that ELDDS puts in so much effort. Even certain teachers can see it. Before joining LD, Mr Poon warned me that it was no slacker than any sport CCA, even canoeing. "They may seem very slack, but when competition comes around, the amount of time they put in voluntarily is huge."

We put in this time voluntarily, ladies and gentlemen. And in a way, I'm proud of my CCA in that aspect, because while it isn't like we have 3-4 mandatory sessions a week, we actually sacrifice our time of our own accord.

Why then? Why is that we always get screwed and pushed to the side when it comes to funding and CCA allocation? We've been struggling along in debate competitions and SYF without a coach, it's a testament to my CCA mates effort we've gone as far as we have.

Just. Unhappy.
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