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Sunday, 25 September 2011

I look like a squirrel. Thanks, mom. Hmph. Whatever, squirrels are cute.
Dinner is gonna be freaking awesome. Bak Kut Teh and pan-fried cod <3 Nomnomnom~
Went to tuition and Hock Lam looked like absolute shit, no kidding. Feel bad for him, he looked damn sian and when it came time for us to do work, I was actually ahead of him for once. Seems like everyone's been falling sick lately.
Anyway, went onto Cracked and read a few articles. This one is freaking sweet. Read till the end, the ending is just. So. Awesome. :")
Lol, my mom's bf is over and I think he's intimidated by me XD Apparently my mom told him that if he didn't my approval, he was screwed. Hehe.
Other than that, I just mugged the whole day. I'm damn worried about my chinese and math. Sigh.
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