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Saturday, 10 September 2011

YL, your new blog URL is stinkin' hard to remember.
My mom's friend is an alcoholic through and through. Today she went through like, 2 bottles of Chardonnay in 5 hours. Alone. Then Pauline, being the pain in the ass that she usually is, pissed her mom off and she snapped. Big time. She got so mad that she ripped Pauline's book in to multiple pieces. Ouch. Being a book-lover, that was just tragic. But her mom has a temper and I couldn't quite blame her, all three of her kids acted up today and it was irritating to the nth degree. Even I snapped at them a few times.
I'm feeling kind of...I dunno, mellow?
Gonna go omnomnom on some tiramisu now. Bai~    One more try. I don't have anything left in me for anymore.
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