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ยปRoll-y chairs
Wednesday, 28 September 2011

are the freaking bomb. Cos the rash on my feet got a hell of a lot worse, I had to seat myself on the roll-y chair (I know that's not the name. I don't care) and push my way around the house. Did I look like an utter and complete retard? Totally. Did it work? Kinda. At least my feet weren't touching the ground.
It's taking every bit of self-control not to scratch at the rash. Because if i so much as touch it, it starts hurting like a motherfucker. PS: Yiling, don't push it anymore. 
Oddly enough, my ulcers have sort of healed. It actually feels better than it did yesterday. Crossing fingers and hope that this will blow over soon. Because you have no idea how patient I have been with you.
Gonna mug now (sigh)
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