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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Currently dying under a deluge of schoolwork. Can't concentrate hence the blogpost.

It's been a while since I've posted eh?


Anyway. History. Christ. You're such a beautiful subject. But I really wanna throttle you sometimes. Every time I sit at my desk and crack open my TPC and start researching a voice inside my head starts screaming. I am not a person meant to sift through huge piles of information if it's not a storybook. Irrelevance annoys me.

  Spare me your fancy specialised language and flowery sentence structure please my head hurts enough and I start hating history and consider failing it entirely.
  Then I step into class again and apply the crap I plowed through over the week and it's so damn rewarding.   No offence to core lit/geog people, but I don't think I'd get the same satisfaction out of finding out about the terrain of the earth or fully understanding the intentions of a fictional character. I've said it more than once but I'll say it again. History is awesome because it's like learning about fairy tales and legends and horror stories and picking them apart and knowing every step of the way that this actually happened at some point in the past. Doesn't that blow your frickin' mind?
  Anyway yea I kinda forgot I had history pairwork with TL and god above someone kill me now Malaya is so hard to research everything is hard to research and my brain is in pain. I kinda doubt she'll even turn up on the google doc :/

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