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ยปFirst off,
Thursday, 29 September 2011

thanks for bringing all my junk back home, guys. I honestly didn't expect the whole bunch of you to come, it was a pleasant surprise :D Also, thanks for helping me to buy my soup, I was getting hungry XD
Yeah, I'll try to come back as soon as possible but I'm really not allowed to come back if I still have the ulcers. I need to go see the doctor again to make sure that I can't infect anybody else and get a letter of permission to go back to school. 
And yes, I miss you too Sarah-koi~ All of you actually <3
Anyway, now that I've gotten the sappy part done with, time for me to whine. Good news : the itching has lessened. Bad news:  It's gotten even more painful when I touch it. For some odd reason, the rashes on my right hand and foot are worse than the ones on my left. Hm. 
I can't eat my bloody junk food because of my ulcers D: My mom was openly munching on them in front of me last night, asshat..
Sigh, need to read through science textbook and catch up now, may post some more later today.

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