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ยปLife is a bitch
Tuesday, 18 October 2011

That phrase is well and truly abused. It used to be something powerful, like when you said it, you knew the person who said it was gonna get off his butt and kick life's hindquarters into the apocalypse.
Now people use it as a free pass to continue whining about how shitty their life is. Oh COME ON, grow the fuck up you pathetic sacks of shit. Any kind of 'depression' or 'loneliness' or 'heartbreak' you feel is only temporary, kay? So stop giving me melodramatic bs about how your 'world is crashing down around you' and 'your heart feels like it's being wrenched in two'. At this age, any 'crisis' you're going through is probably laughably temporary. Stop taking yourself so seriously. If your arm isn't trapped under a boulder, stop whining. If your heart isn't LITERALLY being wrenched in two, shut up ( if it is, seek medical attention straight away, that shit ain't healthy). If you're not the last man or woman on earth, shut up about your loneliness and talk to somebody instead of giving people attitude and being an antisocial asshole.
Really, young punks nowadays.
So, can you update your blog now, weiyee?
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