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ยปBeen a while since I've updated this, eh?
Thursday, 6 October 2011

Slept at 7 last night. Took a nap yesterday  from 4-6. Yea, I basically woke up for one hour and gave up. Been feeling really tired lately, even with my normal sleep schedule.
Ze diary section 
So yesterday's paper wasn't too bad. I tried something completely different for my english compo though, so I'm either screwed or I'm gonna do awesomely.
After the papers we went out to clementi and ate at KFC. Well, they ate. I mooched WY's mashed potato and took some of mandy's popcorn chicken.  And then I felt bad. And then I took some more.
We were all really staticky (?) and kept giving each other jolts. Espescially Sarah, her right arm got it almost 10 times.
So then they went to Koi and I tagged along but I ended up stoning on a bench and falling asleep. When I woke up, I was panicking (sorta) 'cos I thought they went off already. Just nice I got up and they walked out of Koi. For everything else, go track down WY's blog.

Other stuff
As much as I find drama quite entertaining, the kind of drama going on right now is the really sian kind. Person A say Person B got attitude then give B attitude. B see A attitude then give A attitude again. Then the whole group ignores A. And it's just getting really stupid. Seriously? Give attitude over taking bus or taxi?!? Good lord, are we 5? And these kind of things happen everyday.
Everyone needs to just chill and cut everybody else slack. Exam stress and shit. -Preaching over-
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