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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Does it makes sense to be confused about whether you like someone? Because I am. Is there some sort of time limit, like, 2 months and if you still feel the same way, it's official? It would be so much easier if that was how things went. Hah, but there really is no hope for this. Anyway, it's kind of doomed to be unrequited.
Gay rant
Something I never got was how people say homosexuality is unnatural. How can love be unnatural? Especially when it comes from Christians. Isn't God love?
Did you know that homosexuality isn't something that occurs purely in humans? Homosexual tendencies have been observed in several other kinds of animals. Seagulls, penguins,  up to 1500 known animal species have shown cases of homosexuality with 500 well documented ones.
Being gay isn't a choice, much like how being black isn't a choice or how having a particular fondness for the colour pink isn't a choice. Society raises you to be straight. It idealises the traditional nuclear family (Wife husband kid). Homosexuals are usually scorned by society and are seen in a bad light. Seeing all that, how could anybody say that being gay is a choice? Who would choose to be persecuted and hated by society, taking at best insults and verbal harassment, at worst beatings and even death in certain societies.
Really, who would choose that?
Remember when you were a kid and certain colours were for boys and certain colours were for girls? Eventually, you grew out of it because you realised just how silly limiting somebody to certain colours is because of your gender.
Isn't it silly to limit who somebody can love because of their gender?
Daily Blog Entry
Ate at Pepper Lunch with the same people as always. Then walked around Jurong Point and didn't really accomplish anything. Then Christine left. Then we wasted more time. Then Joelle and Mandy left and shortly after, Sarah and I decided to go too. Then we saw Joelle and Mandy at the train station, because the train is one slow mofo. Sarah and I went to Clementi so that I could help her with her science (hint: it failed really badly). Eventually after trying to keep her on task for like 15 minutes (condom mushrooms and lolita fetish FTW) we ended up just screwing off to my house where she made me watch something about cannon penis. It was actually pretty funny. I still hate smosh.
Failed at nail art and then she screwed off.
And then it rained.
And that was Mindy's Big day out *claps hands spastically*

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