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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Am I the only one who does this? When I'm thinking about *ahem* certain things while walking in public, sometimes in my mind I'll just start blaring '*beep* *beep* walrus alert, I repeat WALRUS ALERT' and look around to see if anyone is giggling or has a shocked look, y'know, if they read my mind. Heh.
Dropped, like, 3 ranks on tetris. Freaking pissed, I was at 16 yesterday too. Been listening to Adele.

Someone like youuuu~
I want to get back to school, dammit. The rashes aren't even painful anymore, its just like thik skin now. Tsk.
But still, when i go back to the doctor, I'm gonna ask for an exemption from PE ^^. Gained at least 1 kg... Hah, like I actually care. More of me to go around ;D 
When I get back to school, gonna start hugging freaking everybody. Including rachel (try Dettol-ing  me now, eh?)
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