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ยปFirst post in a long while~
Wednesday, 30 May 2012

This is odd ain't it? Haven't blogged in quite a while. Lol, my views have gone straight down to shit. Ah well, doesn't matter. It feels nice to write again, but I have absolutely no motivation for this. No inner conflict, no drama (not much anyway). Feels like one of those calm before the storm periods. Might as well enjoy while it lasts. Hi, if you happened to highlight thi.

Started playing League of Legends with Fluffy and Hui Xuan. Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for Fluffy, she constantly ends up being the one stuck in between whenever the both of us flare. And we flare quite often. I suppose it's because we're both people who are used to having others back down when we flare but flaring at each other usually makes the other even more aggressive. Gotta keep that in check.

I've been a lot more loose with my emotions lately and to be honest, it's quite refreshing. I can see why people choose to do things like Radical Honesty now. But I don't think I could live like that, being completely honest. I lie a lot as it is for convenience. But it would be a lot more interesting to be completely honest, wouldn't it?

Kind of weird but I'm starting to sink into the role of being a senior again. Being a sec 1 in CGS is quite a trying experience actually, constantly having to bow your head to almost everyone you see, so many unwritten rules. But when you're out, you can see why your seniors were so touchy about it in the first place. It's almost like a rite of passage, you're paying your dues, you know?

Hopefully, I won't get ditched at the BBQ like almost every other time I've tried to organise this sort of thing otherwise I will put someone's head through a wall :D

Not that this GIF reflects my emotions or anything. Not at the moment anyway. It represents me 90% of the time, just not now.

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