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ยปI hate make up.
Friday, 13 April 2012

  There. I get irked when people say I'm wearing make up by virtue of the fact that I hate that bloody substance so much.
  I mean, are you bloody kidding me? I look like a squirrel as it is. I don't need bloody powder and sticky shit on my face just because you want me to do your fucking speech day. And before somebody points out I obviously wore copious amounts of makeup for cosplay, well, it was cosplay. Otherwise it would be cosfail.
  Last minute I got an email saying Mrs Rupa wants us to wear stockings and powder. What the shit? And the best part? She didn't even send the bloody email. Somebody else had to send it for her. Way to be responsible, yo.
  My skin is dying as it is, I don't need powder clogging my pores and making it all bumpy. Worse still, I caught a bloody cold today. Feeling like crap and there may be a chance that my voice will crack tomorrow. Great.
  Yea, whatever, gotta go to sleep because guess what? Emcees have to turn up at 7am. Even the goddamn councillors doing reception don't need to turn up that early. What in the 13 levels of hell could they possibly want with us that early in the morning? What kind of unholy donkey butthole would do this? Oh right, Mrs Rupa and co.

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