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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I almost broke down during art today but that's okay
I actually did break down yesterday in math, but that's okay too.
Mr Chan was being an asshole and I'm very sure the high blood pressure probably isn't good for my health, but that's okay too.
Because I finally got to see Fluffles for two hours today. (Don't worry, I'll touch on everything else later)
But first...

Fluffles came back today. At least, for a short period of time. It was like a breath of fresh air after wandering around sewage pipes all day. Actually, you know what? Scratch that shit about sewage. It was like I was finally breathing after being held underwater for an unbearably long time. And for almost the fourth time in the past few days, I almost cried. Again. (Apologies to people who've had to bear with me constantly whining these few days)  Somehow, it seemed like everything that happened the past few days became so bloody inconsequential, just like that.
I think that maybe I'll be able to survive till Friday.
  Anyway, where to start?
  Oh yes.
  Mr Chan.
  Let me begin this by saying that I really hope that one day he gets so fat that when he leans on a railing, it breaks and sends him plummeting to his doom from a (hopefully) really tall building.
  So Wei Yee broke a window. Yea, I know, how surprising.
  I was checking her hands for shards because I was worried that something might be lodged in her hand, since she was complaining it was itching. Naturally, our backs were turned away from the front. Mr Chan, being the magnificent fat bastard that he is accused us of talking and not paying attention. As a punishment (I swear, the man comes up with the most retarded and unimaginative kinds of punishments ever) we had to do a presentation of the topic he was 'teaching'.
  Never once does he express any sort of concern over the fact that a student in his form class may have glass fragments in her hand in need of extraction.
  We weren't exactly pleased, so we give him a crap presentation with barely concealed jabs at what a shitty teacher he is ( "We have foreign talent in Singapore because sometimes our current pool of ...talent is extremely underqualified. Like teachers for instance! *glare*)
  He eventually gets that we're insulting him *le gasps* and send us out of class so that we can redo our presentation to something better.
  We come up with like, 10 new ways to insult him.
  We only get to use 1. We came up with some crap about "Coney" amassing a child army in China. He sends us out of the class again.

  Oh yes, the math breakdown. Turns out, we are hopelessly under prepared for MYEs. We were given 40 minutes to complete 5 MYE level math questions and most of the class only got to question 2. 
  Not finished, mind you. Halfway through.
  I got a teensy, tiny bit upset. And by teeny tiny, I mean I started crying out of frustration. I'm in sec 2, dear lord, I have no right to cry under pressure. But my thoughts were just bouncing around in a giant 'Mindy's a complete failure!' conga line. It went something like this, "Wow, you can't even solve this? Seriously? What happened to GEP? Oh, right. You failed that too. You're a bloody retard, you know that?"

 So round and round it went for half an hour while I tried to shut that out and remember my math concepts, which I totally blanked out on, by the way. When Mr Lim announced that there was 3 minutes left and I saw 3 half finished questions on my paper, I lost it.
  I pretended to take a nap and cried until the end of the paper. As usual, I don't think anyone noticed. Besides Wei Yee, of course. Since I dripped onto her paper. And maybe Mr Lim, since he was looking pretty concerned. Yeap. It was a great day.
  Then Art. Firstly, you've got to know something. I haven't gotten actual sleep for quite a few days now. I sleep at like 11, then wake up anywhere from 2-3am and am unable to go back to sleep. So I'm kinda moody. My group had already finished Art, so I figured there wasn't anything left to do. We finished Art because Mr Seet originally refused us any extension despite the fact that two of my groupmates (Fluffles, Bel) out of a group of four had to go for canoeing for a week and we couldn't meet up. Leaving us with half the time to do our work. To be more exact, leaving us with Good Friday to do our work. We sacrificed, literally, any sort of revision or relaxation that day just so we could do that stupid bloody project of his. Noon till 9pm, believe it or not. We were on task, we only had two half hour breaks the whole time.
  So I think that hey, maybe I can get some much needed shut-eye during Mr Seet's class, right?
In case you're one of the dumber readers and still don't get the trend of this post, the answer was no. He woke me up and demanded I find Tisha and touch up on my work. Thing is, I had not a donkey's fart as to where the heck she was and I told him that. His response? "I don't care, you go find her and touch up."

  Do you understand English, dude? Or do you think that like your Art, it has to bend and suit your standards? I.DO. NOT. KNOW. WHERE. THE. FUCK. SHE. IS.
  Do you want me to search the whole school? Is that what you expect? I have an injured bloody foot, you cretin. Nonetheless, I end up walking around the FITT run route looking for her. And when I come back to class decidedly Tisha-less, Tisha is right there. Turns out, she was just at the bathroom. Yay.
  I get even more pissed and fume next to Christine's group. Simran asks me why I'm so pissed and I tell her everything leading up to that point as best I can before my voice breaks and I almost start crying again. ( I got better)

  So yes. 
  Dear assholes I just wrote about,

P.S If you find that a shadow with a gun is following you around and you start to feel paranoid...that's not paranoia :)

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