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ยปRandom spike in views o.o (and the Rebellion)
Thursday, 19 April 2012

And by spike, I mean I got more than 10. 
Anyway, updates, yes?
So, our dearest PE rep (you know who the hell you are, sweetie) was being a bitch yesterday during physical training. Since Mrs Liu was off doing NAPFA retests for the people who didn't pass, we had to do workout on our own. Firstly, Mrs Liu already said that since all of us already passed the 2.4, it was fine if we took it slow when we were running ten rounds.

So  for the first time in a long while, everyone ran together. Well, we brisk-walked about 4 rounds. And that didn't please our dearest PE rep. So after the whole class came in, she sat on the steps looking all pissy and told us that since we were "strolling" we had to do extra physical exercise. Fine, maybe that might've irritated a few of us but nothing to complain about, right? If you don't get that was sarcasm, 

I don't entertain idiots.

So she comes up with this absolutely ridiculous punishment, which is whatever number of reps for the physical activity she told us to do times whichever amount of rounds we didn't run. So, 20 pushups becomes 80, 30 situps becomes 120 and 1 minute plank becomes 4 minutes. 

Seriously? Are you like, retarded? Did your mother drop you as a child? Oh wait, she probably did. Certainly explains your face. So obviously, no one is willing to do that much of an increase in workout, so we got pissed and argue back. Because : 

So after telling this to her, she insists on doing it her retarded way. In light of her having a rock instead of brain, we discussed among ourselves and decided, "You know what? She can go fuck herself. If she wants us to run so badly, FINE, we'll run the whole goddamn thing again."
Thus, the whole class ran out of the hall, leaving her speechless while we cheered something about 'Viva la Revolution!" outside. 
When we finish, she's sitting on the hall steps throwing a tantrum and refusing to say anything. She just sat there with a black face while we huddled in a group and thought of inventive new ways to insult her.
I'll update with what happened the next day another time, I'm really tired and I want to sleep.
Nights, yo

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