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Sunday, 1 April 2012

...that I'll use more GIFs in my blog posts now. At least they won't just be rotting away in my hard drive. Anyway, GIF OF THE DAY!
It's the most beautiful middle finger I've ever seen :').
Anyway, today was pretty good, as Sundays go. The only thing that could make it better is if I had some chocolate ice cream. Pretty excited for BYD, I can finally wear the clothes my mom's been bugging me about. So, how about a little backtracking?

Yeap, school went on as per normal, except for the fact that Ms Zhang kept freaking bugging me about work. Really wish I could get exempted from Chinese. Then during dance practice, Sam told me that apparently, Shayna said I was a terrible dancer.
 Now, not gonna deny it. I have the fine motor skills of a monkey on crack. But bitch, you can't do much better -.- And do you know how many times I actually got to practice for the few times that you actually saw me dance? You really wanna know?
You think it's easy? When everyone else was practicing, I was bloody painting the wall. Which, coincidentally, I kinda wanna smash your face into now. I already bloody know that my dancing was nowhere up to par with everyone else, do you really feel a need to go around telling people?
Whatever, you dance like you don't have a skeleton anyway. 

Went out with Hui Xuan to Bugis. Ended up eating Frolick and blowing money at the arcade before actually going shopping. Went the Bugis Street Market and wandered around until we entered this cosmetic store. Then some random woman started trying to sell us this weird lip thing. Apparently it's some sort of magic moisturiser that made your lips all pink naturally. I might've gotten it if not for the fact that it was 30 bucks. 30 BUCKS.
So after uncomfortably getting her off our tail, we went to go find BYD outfits. Hui Xuan got this blue, frilly dress and I got a black lace one. All I'm concerned about now is whether it might be too risky for school, since it's sort of semi-see through netting till you get to the chest area and below, where there's another layer of cloth underneath. Guess I'll wear it to school tomorrow and ask for other people's opinion. If they think it's too revealing, I'll just wear my original outfit.

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