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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I'm just really puzzled at the moment. It's not that i haven't been having enough sleep, I'm just puzzled. By literally everything. How did anything happen? Why are there computers? How did language come about? Everything seems to be blending into a blur. I actually can't tell between my dreams and reality anymore. Sigh.
Gotta stop having naps in the middle of class.
I hate feeling like I have a layer of cling wrap all over my senses. Everything's so bloody dull. The only time I actually feel anything is that kick before performing. So blargh.
Now I know it's not just missing Surabaya (although that is definitely there), or hormones. I've been feeling this way more and more often lately, even when there's nothing bad about my day. God, I sound like I'm developing clinical depression.
Fuck it, I'll just go do my art now.
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