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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dear mimi-koi
  You know, this is why as far as possible I try to be as frank as possible with everyone. You think I don't know what you're doing? Suddenly going all friendly with literally everyone and going around with that dumbass innocent look on your face. 'Oh, do you know why Mindy is mad at me?' says the 'damsel' in 'distress'.

  This thing you're trying to do, painting me as a psycho bitch who gets mad for no reason by going around feigning innocence as to why your very presence irks me now? Very smart. It might work if it weren't me you were trying it on and you doing it. Remember how I mentioned something before about why I'm as frank as possible with people? Situations like these are where my reputation comes in real handy. You see, I'm already known as a psycho bitch :)
  Everyone in class is quite clear on that fact. I'm known to just say things straight to your face. But what you're trying to tell people runs directly opposite to what I'm known for.
  I've had a year to establish my (admittedly screwed) rep and you've had a year to destroy yours brick by brick. If THIS is your great attempt at 'ruining me for miles around' you may have your units confused.

  Did you mean nanometers?

  Keep your cards close to your hilariously over sized chest, dipshit. Everyone, and I DO mean everyone knows how you act. We've all seen it a million times in class when talking to teachers.
When I sent you those texts telling you the class opinion of you, it was for your own goddamn sake. And then you turned around and started dissing not just me, but the whole class.

  I'm sorry that you consider yourself a tragic soul just because you have to hold back your bitchy ass comments that might hurt people's feelings. If you have nothing good to say, don't fucking say ANYTHING. You think we're fucking stupid? Of course we can tell you're patronizing us with that stupid guai kia voice of yours.

Seriously. Get off your damn high horse.

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