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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Actually, not really. At the moment of writing, I'm in what is essentially a pressurized tin can shooting across the night sky. But I'll have to wait till I get back to Singapore to post this because China is as sensitive about blocking just about everything as a pregnant woman wearing a rapeguard. Except It was literally the only thing that kept me from going absolutely bonkers these past few days.
That and the ridiculous shopping I've been doing these past few days.
Aw yea, I've been buying stuff left and right, I'll probably post pics of my loot once I get back home. I swear, my ego has probably swelled three times it's normal size from all the shopkeepers kissing my ass. Lol, when I went to this one roadside barbeque place, the guy serving us thought I was Korean because apparently 'Koreans are the best looking.'
I guessed it was because I was mainly just speaking english to my mom at the time and he assumed I didn't know any Chinese. I was going to correct him but then my mom just played along because she's an arse like that sometimes. Another thing was that people kept mistaking me for 15 or 16.
Ah well, I'e gotten used to that already.
But seriously, you can go crazy shopping here. Everything is so flipping cheap. Like, I got a mani-pedi here because I was bored of following my mom around shopping and it cost 60¥. 5¥ is about 1SGD. That is 12 dollars, peeps. Majority of the stuff here is like, half the price of stuff back in Singapore or less! And I finally bought myself some more dresses and stockings.
Yea, you read that right. I got myself some more stockings. I think I rather like them. I also got some sneakers so I won't have to constantly wear my grey sandals, as much as I <3 them to death.
The food in Zhu Hai was amazing. Although most of he the time I was eating at roadside stalls or small little unknown and sanitarily questionable places, the food was delicious. Eat your heart out, Richard. Seriously though, I saw two rats run across the place I was eating lunch at. My mom and her friend screamed and jumped up on the seats. It was hilarious.
And the hotel we were staying at...hehehe. Turns out the room we booked was more of a lover's room. The wall separating the bathroom and the bedroom was made of glass XD Luckily, there was a blind to cover it. We only really realised it was a lover's room after my mom announced from the toilet that she'd found condoms and KY jelly among the complimentary toiletries.
Did I mention the Internet there is wanky as hell? China blocked YouTube, Facebook, twitter and tumblr. It was utter shit. And I couldn't use proxy shields because china blocked those too. Yay for free sp-*****content censored for inapropriate material*****
But other than that, I had an awesome time in China. My in-flight meal has just arrived, so, adieu!
Oh, and a very happy new year to all of you :) I'm spending mine buttering a roll on an airplane. With a brat kicking my seat from the back! Fresh starts for all!
I fucking hate flight delays.
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