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Friday, 6 January 2012

Eyebrow waggling... tingly~

Things I'm about 70% sure of.

When in doubt, you are probably wrong.

Sturgeon's law is undeniably true. And it applies to you too.

As I learn and find out new things, the more I realize how little I know.

It you want to make sure your secret is really safe, tell it to the class loudmouth. Better yet, BE the class loudmouth.

Wear your heart on your sleeve, keep your brain in your pocket.

It's hard for people to smear your reputation if you follow the above.

Be nice to strangers, always.

It things can go wrong, they will.

If you plan on being a liar, at least read some books on psychology and body language and practice.

If you have to think of the witty retort before you say it, chances are, you'll probably stutter.

You are a single person in a certain district of a country with dozens of others. Your country is a single country on a planet with a couple hundred other countries. Earth is a single planet in a solar system. Our solar system is a single solar system in a galaxy with hundreds of thousands of other solar systems. Our galaxy is only one in a sea of thousands, which is called a galactic supercluster. Our cluster is a single one in a universe with billions, if not trillions of superclusters.

We are that small and insignificant.

Now, what's the big deal about your boyfriend cheating on you again?

You are the maker of your destiny. Sure you publicly embarrassed yourself by falling backwards on your chair because you were rocking back and forth but DAY-UM, that was YOUR embarrassment dude. You totally pwned yourself. You were the one who chose to do it. Nobody has the power to force you.
And that rocks.

That's really all I have so far.
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