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Monday, 2 January 2012

Sorry, I just need to blow off some steam. I've been a lonely desperate worm today. Don't read it if you don't like people who talk about themselves a lot. But then again, this IS my blog. Who else am I going to talk about? The wall?

'I don't have pet peeves. I have major psychotic fucking hatreds.' - George Carlin

There are usually a few ways to make me snap. None of them are particularly easy to achieve since although I may blow off steam every once in a while to people close to me, I don't actually say anything publicly until somebody somehow manages to hit just the right nerve hard enough.

I consider myself a pretty nice person. I know, I know, I do bitch occasionally and show black face here and there every once in a while but honestly, once I bitch somebody out, I'm less likely to stage a full blown temper tantrum.

Consider the alternative. I could hold everything inside and smile and not say a single bad word about somebody even though they're being rather prick-like. I could do that and give everyone the impression I have no problem with the prick in question until some small move of dickery steps across the line and I go full crazy bitch out to ruin your life with no warning at all.

Or I could blow off a little steam at a time without going full rage mode and possibly regretting it at a later date. Like, imagine it as the difference between slowly letting the gas out of a coke can by giving it a few small stirs at a time or just shaking it like a maniac and popping it open such that it 'splodes all over the place. I am a bitch to be kind in the long run.

Now, onto the main subject of my post. Things that actually piss me off. Ignorance is usually the root cause of things that tick me off. Stupidity. Sheeple syndrome. The base of my own personal philosophy is simple. I have a brain, I can use it, so I shall. everything stems out from there. I will not follow society's cultural norms blindly. I will also not follow the counterculture simply because in the end, the counterculture is just the norms of typical society but flipped inside out. And doing things blindly just because society at large finds it disagreeable is stupid

I know something that I say rather often is that majority of people are idiots. That by no measure means that I'm advocating rebellion against how majority of the population does things. Seriously, sometimes things are done a certain way for a reason, people.

But there are people out there, that some how believe that since they're in a minority, it automatically makes them superior to the majority. Sorry bucko, it doesn't work that way. A good example of this is the recent rise in Atheism. I'm sorry honey, just because you've suddenly changed your facebook religion status to Atheist doesn't make you any smarter than the religious nuts you flame. You cannot call yourself an atheist one moment and preach the power of logical thinking and rationality one moment and start gushing about how you and your crush must be fated by the stars to be together because you are born under compatible horoscopes. That pisses me off.

Aaaand it's four in the morning. Imma stop ranting.

Seriously though, I'm starting consider renaming this blog to 'Read as Mindy tried to write some dipshit philosophy she'll probably regret ten years down the road while she slowly goes insane trying to find a linear path of thought that doesn't fuck itself over in the dark twisted labyrinth of her mind! It's like twister for sado-masochists!'
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