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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Just woke up from a nap. And a really weird dream. Something about this weird bug, called a lucky Gretchen. It's purple and shiny, like christine's purple iPhone home button. It was running all around all the house and my mom's room. Then there was this weird scene where everything went black and grey and something scottish people and kilts.
And scarabs.
I woke up laughing my head off.
I've been working on a really long post that I might never publish, so that's the reason why I haven't been updating.
Anyway, I've been noticing that people've been really emo nowadays and a little laughter goes a long way.
So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...
If the idea of a bunch of sweaty guys in a small room shaking their littlest fellows around to show off their 'manliness' and how 'street' they are doesn't crack you up, why in the 18 levels of hell are you reading my blog??
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