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»Angry about nothing. Again.
Wednesday, 22 February 2012

-.- caution, lots of ranting gibberish up ahead -.-

Just saw a lot of rather rude comments about the Hitler speech we were shown in class. Like calling the audience brain-washed idiots.
Now, I'm not gonna try to say that they weren't brainwashed. They totally were. But you've also got to keep in mind, Hitler was a VERY charismatic leader. You are no different from the audience. The only reason why you're able to look at him and laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of his speech and actions is because you have the advantage of being an observer. You already know the man he is. You know the terrible things he would continue on to do. The audience didn't.
What they saw was a man fighting for their nation, for the people. They saw a confident leader who would be capable of cleansing the country of impurities and bringing it back to its former glory. They were weak and mentally vulnerable and if you think you're any better than them, that in their positions, that you would react with anything other than a roar of approval, clearly, the lesson is wasted on you and you've learnt absolutely nothing from the mistakes of the generations before us.
And a century from now, while you lay cold in the dirt, your descendants will laugh at how you were so confident in yourselves, how bloody arrogant to think that you were above manipulation and deceit when all that kind of thinking did for you was make you all the more vulnerable.

._. Rant over ._.

Sigh, I should be going to shower instead of ranting in a blogpost. But really, you are just as human as everyone else. And if you disagree, it only makes you more so.

Wei Yee didn't come to school today :( it's weird not to have someone sitting next to me to have tickle matches with. What else can I say, nothing much happened today besides the usual. Acted really gay with Sarah, Christine gave us her 'I no approve' look while watching us sing love songs to everyone else in class, fluffles was fluffy, Hui Xuan was a 害群之马 and ruined it for the rest of us by using up Fluffles' fluffy quota and Isabel was British with scones and jam and tea.

Aight, really, gonna go bathe.
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