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ยปSorting out feelings
Sunday, 26 February 2012

Been having another bout of insomnia again, so it seems to be about time I write another blogpost. Get some things off my chest.

Gonna work my way up, shit feelings first.

@Wei Yee. Sorry about Friday. I was being insensitive and kind of a douche. I didn't mean to kick you but that isn't an excuse. I swear I've deleted the photos. If its any consolation, I'll let you kick me back.

@Joelle I know I accidentally kicked/elbowed/ punched you a few times too. Sorry :(

Aight, apologies out of the way, onto fluffier subjects... Apparently, canoeing did pretty well this year and got quite a few awards. Fluffles came in third for her event :D And I kinda sorta agreed to get her a cookie. Thinking subway cookie.
Toggled with some more settings on my phone, wandered around vivo the whole day with the mothership, didn't do my homework. Washed my shoes and got my surabaya gloves (where the fish do you buy painting goggles?!).
Thought of story ideas, discarded story ideas. Thought about Sarah's story ideas, got squeamish at prospect of writing said story idea.

Yea, that's pretty much the all the shit I can lift off the top of my head. Night, lovelies.
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