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ยปHaribo gummies and shtuffies
Friday, 17 February 2012

I just love mega haribo roulettes so much. They're so squishy and chewy and vaguely sour. Spice and and sugar have a place in my heart but sour will be my truest love~
Oh yes, saw Hock Lam on the train back with jasmin. He's such an adorable, dopey turtle.
The CCA showcase today was nerve wracking. It's weird being on stage. I feel a lot less nervous when I stare straight at the audience than when I try to pretend that they're not there. Hrm.
I don't have a lot of stuff to untangle out today, so I guess I'll keep it in for another day. It's the weekend, after all. No deadlines to worry about for a day so I think the insomnia'll back off for a day.
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