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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Math teacher number 4 :) I have no idea what the fuck the school board is thinking, changing our bloody teachers all the bloody time. We've only seen our actual history teacher a grand total of 2 times. In the whole term -.- We've changed our math teacher three times, all of them wide-eyed, green-horned newbies who couldn't discipline the class if they brought a gun.
We're lagging behind on our Chinese by 2 lessons because our holidays have the unfortunate ability to constantly fall on days with Chinese lessons. Our form teacher is a dunce who doesn't care even if you lie about handing up an MC when you don't attend school and needs the G.O to nag him just to check attendance. Are you SERIOUSLY asking why we're LITERALLY the worst sec 1 class? That Zorro, TL and I are the only ones ever participating in lessons? Occasionally Sarah?
It's a miracle we're passing ANYTHING AT ALL. What kind of fucked up class is GLAD when they 'only' fail one subject?! It gets really depressing sometimes and I feel like I'm never going to get out. The only thing I still feel like I have hope in is my English and even then, I feel like I'm losing my vocab and linguistic ability day by day. I stutter over my sentences now and I try so hard not to. I want a compo assignment. Please, for the love of all that is decent, may Mrs Rupa give us an essay to write. Or a comprehension passage (god knows we haven't touched one of those in ...oh wait, WE HAVEN'T TOUCHED THEM AT ALL SINCE I STEPPED INTO THIS GOD FORSAKEN SCHOOL)

It's so freaking sad. I think our class has so many hard-working and REALLY talented people. Maybe even more so than other classes, I've seen them talk before. They're rather shallow. Fluffles is a fantastic writer, though it'll be a cold day in hell before I admit that to her. We write in different styles anyway, so you can't really compare. Zorro (as annoying as she is sometimes) is good with physics and Chinese. Sarah is great with Math and picks up the concepts really quickly. WY, I know you read this, you're good with computers and if you put your mind to it, you could excel in any subject, I'm sure of it. Rachel,if you had more confidence, you would be able to excel as well. I would list out everyone else's traits, but that would be a thesis.

It's a waste. But there are still 2 more months. For the one or two of you from my class who actually follow this, please JIAYOU! I'm sure we could top the level, if only you stopped logging onto FB so often :P

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