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Monday, 8 August 2011

cmpared t the shit i FUND at tvtropes, that's tame. YU gff lucky.

perhaps yu might want t read the rules f slenderland?

  1. Ever have that urge t⊗ turn ⊗n the lights in the middle ⊗f the night? D⊗n’t resist that urge. In fact, keep a flashlight next t⊗ y⊗ur bed. With extra batteries.
  2. Y⊗u can d⊗t y⊗ur i’s and cr⊗ss y⊗ur t’s, but ST⊗P WRITING when y⊗u start cr⊗ssing y⊗ur ⊗s
  3. s⊗methingiswrongwhenyoutypewith⊗utspace
  4. If y⊗u begin t⊗ see a tall, slim, black-and-white figure ⊗ut ⊗f the c⊗rner ⊗f y⊗ur eye, but when y⊗u l⊗⊗k, it’s g⊗ne, d⊗ n⊗t assume that y⊗u are hallucinating ⊗r seeing things.
  5. S⊗metimes, y⊗u g⊗tta accept that it might n⊗t be The Slender Man may n⊗t be at y⊗ur wind⊗w. S⊗metimes, he might be in y⊗ur h⊗use. S⊗metimes, it

    Reading this has pr⊗bably made y⊗u a target.

    oh nononono

    release me

    Rest of that creepy shit is here :

    the operator symbol ⊗ keeps him away. hope it doesn't fail

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