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ยปWent to Bugis Street again.
Wednesday, 31 August 2011

This time to buy Sarah's cosplay. She's doing Gokudera from KHR. In the end we only found a tie and shirt. We found the wrist/arm band thingy but she didn't buy it cos we were unsure whether 15 dollars was worth it. It totally is, we didn't find any other shop selling it. Buuuut our feet were aching and I didn't wanna walk all the way  back to the other side of the tent thingy to get it so we went straight to Iluma. Checked out the otaku house wigs and...the prices are crazy stupid. Which is why I'm doing an OC ^^
Restraining myself from clicking anything vaguely related to her because I'm pretty sure I'll break down again and today is a happy day. Happy happy happy~ 5
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