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ยปNot gonna waste any more time or tears
Tuesday, 23 August 2011

  I guess I've gotten over the whole blaming part.Okay, we're in different schools and all, I understand that we couldn't possibly meet and catch up everyday. But there wasn't even much of an effort on your part. Again, no blame. But then, recently, that tweet. "Perhaps I was having a life".  You know the one. That kind of drove the fact in. I'm not part of your life any more and I can't keep holding on to the memory of what our friendship used to be. Friendship is one of the strongest bonds that can be formed between two people. Strong doesn't mean it can take an infinite amount of abuse or neglect, it too needs to be up kept and taken care of. When you finally confirmed last year that we were best friends, I was so happy. I promised myself that I would always stay by your side. Now I find myself unable to keep that promise and I'm sorry. Really.
  Isn't it odd though? It took me 2 years until you finally confirmed the fact. A year later and here we are. The term BFF isn't to be thrown around lightly, Kal. Unless you seriously think that you can be friends forever, let alone best friends, don't use it. It really hurts when the statement turns out to be a lie. 
  We'll go our separate paths then, agreed? Silence will be taken as a yes. You have JY and I have, well, I'm sure I'll find someone sooner or later. Maybe we'll meet again if fate permits.
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