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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Highlight of the day : Fluffles doing a dramatic reading of this. Read it. Do it without cracking up. I dare you.

When she read it while we were walking to the foyer to meet the rest of the team before we left for the reservoir, she came across one particular part that had me and bells laughing so hard we fell to the ground and couldn't get up. The part is, I kid you not " My knee came up hard against his-

* massive pause*

 massive throbbing gigglestick between his legs and he drubbed over in pan." We just couldn't take it anymore. Our red cross friends saw us sprawled on the floor and actually had to come over to help us up. Jadyn  had to help me up and was patting my back and was like "Aiyo, Mindy, what happened? Ok or not?" Joelle had to help Isabel up.
And I just kept giggling. It was all very silly. Then we continued on the bus. Public disturbance for all :D


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