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Thursday, 4 August 2011

You really need to stop changing skins And retard question, who is she? Wanna hang out on National day?

Anyway, normal post. Skipped canoeing today and ended up helping Christina and Anusha do National day deco. It was  all boring me out of my skull  very fun and interesting and absolutely delightful. And dammit, Hui Qin has joined Rachel in trying to annoy the shit out of me by peering over my shoulder when I write these posts. Fluffles and Zorro tried to pressure me into going and Mandy offered to lend me PE uniform because i didn't wear it today. Precisely so they couldn't pressure me.
BTW, did you know my home econs teacher doesn't freaking shut up?

Teacher: "Must cut the onions. into strips. Remember ah!
Us: "Oh,ka-"
Teacher: "Must cut into strips otherwise they'll be too thick, MUST!
Us: "Yes, we understa-"
Teacher: "Onion must be thin so it'll spread out!"

And then she blamed us for letting the chicken stew burn. Because we kept interrupting her -.- So she "couldn't finish talking".  Go screw yourself, dumb bitch.

Gonna go rush my art, which will probably turn out to look like crap. Speaking of, we have to do a bloody art piece every *bleep*ing week. So since we're having E-learning week, we'll have to DO TWO.

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