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ยปTruffles with Sarah
Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Well, I didn't have training but I did have to stay back for extra lessons in chinese. I feel so tired all of a sudden. And i've been having this on-off headache throughout the freakin' day, which made me really crabby and made me snap at rachel.
Rachel, if you're reading this (I doubt that) I'm really sorry for the how snapped at you and the shit you have to put up from me. Feel free to mooch off my drawing block and foolscap anytime. Even though I usually mooch :3
Sarah came over and we made truffles. Melty, muah chee-like truffles. They were delicous. I think I ate almost half of them  a few. Truffles are easy to make (almost as easy as your mom), but to make them perfectly is a chellenge. After melting the chocolate, we kinda just sat in front of the computer and screeched sang along to some songs. and then we stoned.

I know, I know. My blog is just absolutely riveting, ain't it?
No? Then bugger off. Not like I care.


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