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Friday, 5 August 2011 other news, the sky is blue. Okay, for people who know me IRL, you know I have a habit of spewing some rather offensive shit. What i'd like to argue, however, is to look past the offensiveness. Unlike SOME of your assumptions, yes, I do know how to read situations and when I've crossed the line. I choose to ignore it. I say offensive shit only when there's a degree of logic to it.
For example, I would not say that Chinese are inherently better people than Malays because of our lighter skin tone. Because that is illogical.Skin tone has nothing to do with anything.
Something I would say, however, would be that the Christian god, (christians, hear me out before attacking me) is naked. OK, ok, wait just a second before you start screen capping and spamming and basically maiming me. Just think from a completely unbiased perspective. In the bible, it says that God created Adam,the first man, in his image, yes? Adam was created without clothes. It would thus be logical to say that God did not, and presumably still doesn't, have clothes. This is, of course, entirely based on my opinion.
When I shared this conclusion with my friends during recess, they immediately pulled the "dude, that's like, so offensive card". After 5 minutes of trying to explain why I thought so and them just constantly rebutting me with "but, that's offensive", i kinda gave up. I'm not forcing my belief that god is naked onto you. I'm just STATING, that god is probably naked. Eventually, fluffles said that it was offensive to assume that god has mortal qualities. Wait, WHAT? We were created in his image, were we not? The Bible, the Holy freaking scripture purports so. So, we were created in his image, yet his image is not mortal and thus cannot be seen and thus he does not wear clothes in the traditional sense? Or need it? Or he's not naked in the traditional sense? What the hell are YOU talking about?
This is becoming one hell of a long post but I need to vent somewhat. Since when did being offensive mean that a conclusion is not true? Remember Copernicus? Galileo, perhaps? They pointed out that the Earth probably wasn't the centre of the universe and what did they get? "Dude, you need to like, shut up. That's offensive."  They didn't. They turned out to be right, honey.
What's offensive about saying God is naked? My friend, we're ALL born naked. If anything, God wearing clothes should be the offensive part. Clothes are a human folly, decidedly unnatural. To say that He wears clothes is to assume that he requires to cover himself up, despite being the omnipotent being He is. What upset me the most is that they didn't even bother explaining WHY I was offensive, or try to pick apart my conclusion.

"Offensive" "religiously discriminating" rant over. I'll probably regret this someday in the near future.

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